The BitClout Faucet

The BitClout tutorial that pays you to learn

We reward your knowledge with $CLOUT because we want you to succeed on BitClout.

Knowledge Sets
Our knowledge sets are designed to build your knowledge base of BitClout. Answer some questions and be gifted $CLOUT and creator coins.
Complete various tasks and be gifted $CLOUT and creator coins.
BitClout community members are allowed to turn on each faucet once per 24 hour period. We also have a limited amount of $CLOUT and creator coins we can gift out each day. If a faucet is closed you'll need to come back tomorrow to see if its been reactivated.
Our Supporters
All the $CLOUT and creator coins that we are able to gift is made possible by BitClout community members like yourself. As a thank you we feature supporters who hold at least 0.25 $TheFaucet coins on every page of the website.

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