The Faucet

The DeSo tutorial that pays you to learn

We reward your knowledge with $DESO because we want you to help build the DeSo community.

Knowledge Sets
Our knowledge sets are designed to build your knowledge base of DeSo. Answer some questions and be gifted $DESO and creator coins.
Complete various tasks and be gifted $DESO and creator coins.
DeSo community members are allowed to turn on each faucet once per 72 hour period. We also have a limited amount of $DESO and creator coins we can gift out each day. If a faucet is closed you'll need to come back tomorrow to see if its been reactivated.

NOTE: To turn on a Creator Coin Faucet you must meet our DeSo Community Engagement Requirements of posting one new post per day for at least three of the last seven days.
Our Supporters
All the $CLOUT and creator coins that we are able to gift is made possible by BitClout community members like yourself. As a thank you we feature supporters who hold at least 0.25 $TheFaucet coins on every page of the website.

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